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Eviction, tenants and bankruptcy: What can a creditor do?

Moving forward with an eviction is not an easy matter. Add in a tenant going through bankruptcy and the matter becomes even more complicated. Fortunately, the creditor in this situation has certain rights. The rights vary depending on the filing date for the bankruptcy.

Creditors, statute of limitations and bankruptcy: SCOTUS to review

Creditors go about receiving payment in a number of ways. After multiple attempts, some may sell off old debts to third-party debt collectors. The practices used by these businesses have been scrutinized. Now one of those practices is under review by the highest court in the country.

Who gets paid in bankruptcy? SCOTUS case could change the normal order.

A case that is set to be argued at the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) could have major implications in the bankruptcy world. The case involves a company that filed for bankruptcy shortly after a buyout.

Cross-country M&A deals and creditor rights: 4 FAQs

Merger and acquisition (M&A) deals that involve businesses from two different countries make up over one-third of all worldwide M&A transactions. These transactions can have legal ramifications that impact not just the businesses and their shareholders, but also impacts creditors who are attempting to collect on debts.

Creditors and bankruptcy: Two lessons from the SunEdison case

Bankruptcy is a process that is designed to offer those who are approved with a fresh financial start. Although this process can be beneficial to business owners that find themselves struggling financially, it can lead to serious difficulties for the creditors that provided the backing for these entrepreneurs to get their business running or those that sold products to the business and are awaiting payment.


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