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Structured Settlement Transfers Lawyers in South Carolina

Years ago, when the economy took a dramatic downturn, individuals struggled to make ends meet. One option that became apparent was to sell structured settlement payment annuities for a lump sum. Numerous companies across the United States have built a business plan dependent on buying an individual’s annuity in one payment.

Our Structured Settlement Transfers Attorneys in Columbia, SC

This process can be complex, however, often requiring the care and attention of an experienced legal professional. At Crawford & von Keller, LLC, we represent companies to ensure all of the necessary steps are completed in accordance with various regulations. We are trusted to obtain statutorily required permission to transfer structured settlement rights from the individual to the purchasing company.

Whether the process ultimately requires a courtroom appearance, negotiation, or the drafting or review of documents, our firm has the experience necessary to see the process through to its conclusion.

To discuss your specific needs, call or email our Columbia, South Carolina, office and speak with an experienced Columbia, SC structured settlement transfers lawyer.